About Us

Founded in 1997, Irish Continental Technology Ltd (ICT) is the Irish market leader in electronic prepaid calling card distribution. The company strategy has been to provide high quality telephony and supporting services to a diverse customer base at a competitive rate.

The First National Calling Card was launched in 1998 and is ICTís flagship product. In 1999 ICT signed a contract with Payzone (then ITG) to make First National one of the first international calling cards in Europe to become available in an electronic format on a terminal distribution system.

By 2003 First National had become the number one selling calling card in Ireland and was available on all electronic distributors nationwide.

In July 2011 ICT was acquired by the UK Market Leader in international calling cards. The synergies provided by this acquisition have allowed ICT to leverage off a business which terminates one billion minutes per annum and is interconnected with over 150 carriers globally.

Reinvigorated by this recent investment, the company is committed to challenging the way people communicate with each other and continues to nurture both its existing customers and its developing markets by the introduction of new and innovative products.

How to make a call:

  1. Purchase a First National card from your local shop
  2. Dial the access number as printed on the card
  3. Enter the PIN number as printed on the card
  4. Dial the number you want to call
  5. To make a second call just press ##

What access number to use:

01 437 3160 access number

This number gives you the most talk time on your First National phone card. However you may be billed for the price of the 01 call. Check with your phone provider to see if you have free calls to 01 numbers as part of your price plan.

1800 938 708 access number

This Freephone access number is best used if you are not the bill payer for the phone you are making the call from. However you will get less talk time on your First National phone card that if you used the 01 437 3160 access number. It is not suitable for making calls from a mobile phone (due to the high surcharges levied by the mobile operators).

1512 277 8044 access number

When you use this First National access number from an O2 mobile phone you will get the same great rates as with the 01 access number. Calls made using this 1512 number will be charged 39 cent per call by 02. This service is only available on the 02 network.